The Warrior


I have seen the greatest warrior that ever lived tear himself out of his grave within the Earth and rise up sword in hand. He threw his shield into the sky and it became the sun and so great was his blade that it was too bright to see, so much of the sun did it reflect.

He threw from him the rocks and earth that had been his bonds and shook his mighty head and roared his battle cry. As he stretched his limbs the rocks flew and the Earth trembled, the seas grew mad and the darkness was torn to shreds to blow away upon the wind.

He bore great scars upon his body, great wounds upon him which had healed in puckered flesh.

He pulled me up onto his horse to ride with him. I feel his strength behind me as I ride, protection at my back, his sword in front.


The Dark


As I travelled the Dark rose up before me.  A Dragon, a bird or both. Its wings spread to cover my path and all my sight. And it had sight too, cruel piercing eyes that can see Souls and eat them if desired.  I stood small in front of it and marvelled at the beauty of the wings, the patterns, their movements and their power.  The Dark settled before me and when I looked once more I could see the eyes had changed.  No longer cruel they looked into me and puzzled over what they found.And then the Dark became less dark, as mist it rose, grey it became, then shreds it was before the rising sun.

I blinked and considered the loss of the Dark and what I had found within it.



Bridge of Time


Across the water

A journey to return to my people, my place, my life.Waterfalls and rocks. Dark, high mountains. Bears and eagles. Cruel eyes of the Hunter.

“Daughter of the Caldevi, Child of the forgotten ones. Your Soul has blown upon the winds and floated in the seas of time. Your People call to you and sing you home.  Gather up the bones of your life and walk to greet them. Stand in the sun of your youth and call back your song.  See where you belong, from where you came.  Gaze into the pool of Souls and sing yours home to you.  Call to us and we will follow across the bridge of time.

Remember now all that you have been.  Remember why.  Hear the call, the cry of ages.  Pull your Soul about you as a cloak, pick up your shield and pull your sword into your hand. Hear it sing. Hear it call. Hold it high. Stand tall and be all that you have forever been. Be again.

Be and become.

celtic circle



Wings of the Dragon

A vision.

“Wings of the Dragon, Protection of the Bear, Circle in the woods, Mist upon the Air.”

dragon flight

I have seen the wave that does not drown, the fire that does not burn.

I have seen the Earth flow green and molten and the seas shine like silver.

I have ridden the Dragon across the skies and seen the Earth awake beneath our flight.

I have ridden the horse through the woods and seen the light upon the trees.

I have lain in clear pools and felt my bones turn with the seasons.

The Font

I have stood upon the shore and seen the warriors arrive from out the West.  Seen their shields catch the sun, become the light, dazzle all my sight, root me to the Earth, tie me to my heart.

I have seen them come and I have seen them go.

Circle Shield

And I have seen the woods awake with the caress of a green hand that stirs the circle and spins life from it.  Seen the circle grow and light and life take wing and fly across the land.

I have felt the rising and the falling and the rising once again.  Thick green power, strong and dark and sinuous.  Clear silver power, bright and sharp and cutting to the heart of all.  Golden power, warm and blood and full.  Dark power, the ending and the beginning and the end once more.

Tree aura

All bound within the beat of wings, the breath of fire, the Western seas, the land that lies beyond.

The circle of the Dragon that spins life and renews itself across the span of ages.  The fire that burns and heals, the teeth that tear and cut, the eye that sees though the doors of time are shut.  The Dragon, the circle, the unending and renewing.

celtic circle


The Grandmother & The Maiden

Blackthorn snow

It is Winter and the Grandmother sleeps.  All about her children creep, hiding from the ice of her cold fingers, fearful lest she wake angry with them, afraid that this time she will not wake and her white hard mantle will lay across the land until the Earth breaks.

But in her sleep the Grandmother turns and dreams.  She dreams of warmth to thaw her bones, she dreams of food to fill her belly.  She dreams the running water of the streams and the deepness of the wells.  She remembers how light are the steps of youth, how fresh the beauty, how full the hope which nothing binds.  She recalls the fresh green and gold of the first morning.  All these things she dreams and her memories bring to her skin a warm touch unfelt through the long held darkness.

Blackthorn in Spring

She stretches to free herself from the cold grip of the age.  She hears the cry of the newborn and the Grandmother awakes, a smile upon her face.  Lightly she rises and dances on the dawn, Grandmother no longer for she has dreamed the Maiden and formed her from her sleep,

“Go Daughter. Dance the Spring from the land, call the energies of the Earth and sing of all that life will bring.  Weave new life upon a tired web and dream yourself a new dawn.”

coloured sky

The Maiden knows that all is possible, that life follows death and that we must all dream our future into being.  For from her aching limbs and crackling breath did not the Grandmother dream the Maiden who dances for her?  As the Maiden will call forth the Mother when the time is right and the Mother will whisper her secrets to the Grandmother when the ages call her.  And so they pass from hand to hand, from heart to heart, from breath to breath the Old knowledge, the love and the new hope.

Triple spiral


The Cailleach

The Old One stirs and sends her cold breath to test her children, to see who will stand and who will flee, who will live and who will die.  She tests us and probes with her bony fingers, reaches into our chests and feels the beat of our hearts.  Does the beat stay steady or does it race and burst its bounds, flee from her touch? She waits, she tests, she sees and she hears.

The Old One walks upon the land and over the icy wastes rides the Wild Hunt, dragging all with them into the dark of night and endless winds.  He teases the Old One, makes her blush and cackle and recall the days supple limbs held lovers tight and black ropes of hair wound about their necks.  She rattles her bones at him and laughs and knows he has seen through her guise for she is the Goddess guising.  He sees the Eternal Mother beneath the guise of the Crone and is not afeared of her.  He knows the Grandmother and she knows him. Together they ride the winter skies.

Guardian Trees



Grow or Die

Bronze age barrows

For what reason have I come out of the ground and ceased my wanderings in the eternal halls of the dead?

Why do I fly no longer on the wind?

Why am I bound to this Earth with heavy limbs and slow?

Why are my dreams and thoughts as mists and whisps blown upon a careless wind?

Why has the sleep of ages ended?

For what reason do I walk once more upon this Earth and bind myself to its troubles?

It is strange to be of this world and yet not.  The cares of this world assail me but I know them to be but chaff on the wind.  We are as nothing against the Endless Ones and no matter how far we travel it is but a step on the treads of time.  But travel we must for to stand still is to die.

Grow or die.

The Ancient Path