The Warrior


I have seen the greatest warrior that ever lived tear himself out of his grave within the Earth and rise up sword in hand. He threw his shield into the sky and it became the sun and so great was his blade that it was too bright to see, so much of the sun did it reflect.

He threw from him the rocks and earth that had been his bonds and shook his mighty head and roared his battle cry. As he stretched his limbs the rocks flew and the Earth trembled, the seas grew mad and the darkness was torn to shreds to blow away upon the wind.

He bore great scars upon his body, great wounds upon him which had healed in puckered flesh.

He pulled me up onto his horse to ride with him. I feel his strength behind me as I ride, protection at my back, his sword in front.


Wings of the Dragon

A vision.

“Wings of the Dragon, Protection of the Bear, Circle in the woods, Mist upon the Air.”

dragon flight

I have seen the wave that does not drown, the fire that does not burn.

I have seen the Earth flow green and molten and the seas shine like silver.

I have ridden the Dragon across the skies and seen the Earth awake beneath our flight.

I have ridden the horse through the woods and seen the light upon the trees.

I have lain in clear pools and felt my bones turn with the seasons.

The Font

I have stood upon the shore and seen the warriors arrive from out the West.  Seen their shields catch the sun, become the light, dazzle all my sight, root me to the Earth, tie me to my heart.

I have seen them come and I have seen them go.

Circle Shield

And I have seen the woods awake with the caress of a green hand that stirs the circle and spins life from it.  Seen the circle grow and light and life take wing and fly across the land.

I have felt the rising and the falling and the rising once again.  Thick green power, strong and dark and sinuous.  Clear silver power, bright and sharp and cutting to the heart of all.  Golden power, warm and blood and full.  Dark power, the ending and the beginning and the end once more.

Tree aura

All bound within the beat of wings, the breath of fire, the Western seas, the land that lies beyond.

The circle of the Dragon that spins life and renews itself across the span of ages.  The fire that burns and heals, the teeth that tear and cut, the eye that sees though the doors of time are shut.  The Dragon, the circle, the unending and renewing.

celtic circle