Bridge of Time


Across the water

A journey to return to my people, my place, my life.Waterfalls and rocks. Dark, high mountains. Bears and eagles. Cruel eyes of the Hunter.

“Daughter of the Caldevi, Child of the forgotten ones. Your Soul has blown upon the winds and floated in the seas of time. Your People call to you and sing you home.  Gather up the bones of your life and walk to greet them. Stand in the sun of your youth and call back your song.  See where you belong, from where you came.  Gaze into the pool of Souls and sing yours home to you.  Call to us and we will follow across the bridge of time.

Remember now all that you have been.  Remember why.  Hear the call, the cry of ages.  Pull your Soul about you as a cloak, pick up your shield and pull your sword into your hand. Hear it sing. Hear it call. Hold it high. Stand tall and be all that you have forever been. Be again.

Be and become.

celtic circle



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