Sorting out Dreams.  These are an extension of my daily concerns and worries and I can see clearly what issues they relate too and what daily happenings they are born from.

Wake up you have not been listening Dreams. When I first began to ‘wake up’ to Spirit,  I had a lot of these dreams which often had common themes. I dreamed of cats or babies that I had put in a cupboard or forgotten to feed or nurture in some way. When I began to consciously work with my spiritual gifts then I had less of these dreams and more waking visions and words that came to me and flowed out through my writing.

Remember who you are

Personal Prophetic Dreams.  These are ones that have actually come true concerning my own life and that of my family and close friends.  I dreamed my granddaughters before their arrival, saw houses that I was to live in and events that were to come and in these dreams I was given dates and shown very clearly places I had not yet been to.

End of the World Dreams. Ever since I can remember I have had these dreams where I have to leave somewhere because of some impending upheaval. I am packing up things I need to take with me, always practical things like camping and survial gear, useful items that will be necessary like food and water and always weapons for hunting and protection. Usually I am having to do this quickly, speed is of the essence and I have to balance the use of an item against its weight and importance. In these dreams I have seen floods and storms and seen the Sun and stars change their positions in the skies as the Earth moved.Undine

Past Life Dreams. The thing I have noticed about these dreams is that there is an absolute clear sharpness about the detail in them and they do not fade like mist if I don’t write them down as soon as I wake up. In these dreams I am me but not me. Often my children, family or close friends are in the dream but again they look nothing like they do now and yet I recognise them.Round Barrow on Nine Barrow Down

I have also had several dreams which seem to relate to the most ancient times and in these dreams there is no speach only an awareness of feeling and a visual clarity like even the air itself is new and fresh.




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